• Stop Bad Oral Habits for GOOD!

    on Oct 18th, 2018



Tough plastic or other resilient
materials can crack or chip your teeth as surely
as if you chomp on jawbreaker candies. Even thin
packaging or tape can get stuck between your
teeth, irritating and even cutting your gums. Keep a small pair of scissors in your car or purse for package-opening emergencies. Eventhe smallest Swiss Army knife usually has a tiny(but handy) pair of scissors.




If you’re not already brushing twice daily, now is a
great time to start. If you tend to skip the evening
session, work it into your bedtime routine. Brushing
before you hit the hay helps keep detrimental debris
from clinging to your teeth overnight. It’s also
best to make sure bristles are spending enough
quality time with your teeth. Though two minutes is
recommended, most people invest just 46 seconds
per brushing session.




Already brushing twice daily? Congrats! For bonus
points, keep a brush at the office so you can freshen
up after power lunches (or microwave meals). You can
even skip toothpaste for this “extra” third session.




One in 10 people say they never floss. If you’re
holding out, what are you waiting for? With just a
couple of minutes and about 18 inches of floss, your
teeth will be cleaner and healthier (and your breath
will benefit, too). Flossing is the single best way to
remove plaque from between your teeth where the
toothbrush can’t reach, so make sure it’s part of your
daily oral health regimen.



It’s not only bad for your manicure, but it’s not doing
your teeth any favors, either. Nail nibbling has been
linked to oral health problems such as teeth grinding
and jaw clenching, which can lead to facial pain
and sensitive teeth. Because it’s not as tempting to
gnaw on neat nails, try to take care of jagged edges,
hangnails and ragged cuticles. You can also try an
instant reminder: Coat your nails with a clear,
bitter-tasting polish to deter you from chewing.




Photo by David Calderón on Unsplash

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